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Making Out

Making Out

Making out comic

Also known as putting your face on someone else’s face. Repeatedly.

Tangled glasses drawing

Sketches – May 5-11, 2014

Last week, some sort of inspiration struck me, and I ended up doing a lot of drawing. Here are some of the things I sketched last week:

(Incidentally, now that I’m drawing more, I wish I had a scanner–except I have a hard time justifying devoting any extra space in my tiny apartment to one. Oh, dilemmas.)

A cartoon of a very tasty-looking sandwich.

The compassionate sandwich

My brother posted this on Facebook last night:A screenshot of a Facebook post by someone named Dan, which says, “Oh sandwich, you are the only one that truly understands me.”Naturally, I had to respond:

A cartoon of a very tasty-looking sandwich, with speech bubbles that read, “Come, Dan. Cry into my pickles."




InspirationI drew this after finishing homework last night. It’s not finished, and in fact, I might never touch it again, but I thought it was a fun thing worth sharing.


"enjoy ur vd :)"

In light of Valentine’s Day

VD comic

A sketch of a small, wiry, and balding character in a long coat, with goggles strapped to his forehead

Gobb Clan Artificer

A sketch of a steampunk-y characterThis is what I drew tonight. It’s still in progress, but this guy inhabits the same world as this city— in fact, he’s one of the many, many people living in that city.
Nerd, nerd, nerd.

Late-Night Comic

I really, really shouldn’t draw when I’m tired. When I do, I get stupid things like this.

Ah well. It was a nice outlet for the creative juices. And y’know, I’m kind of fond of that first panel.


I officially finished my first year of college today.

How did I celebrate? By buying two Sobes from Safeway for less than a dollar total (yeeeeaaaahhh coupons!), and by drawing lizards.

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The City

Visual Sketchbook: The City

Started this last night. I’ve been working on developing this fantasy-type setting in the back of my head for at least a couple of years, but I haven’t drawn much of it. Obviously, it’s not finished yet.

The City

Cartoon Spencer says: "Hello, classy people. The future is now."

Hello, Classy People

Cartoon Spencer says: "Hello, classy people. The future is now."

Drawn on my freaking AMAZING new graphics tablet.

Thank you, Mom and Dad.

Happy birthday, me!

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