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Vend it to Me #7–Pokka Purin Sheiku

In which I try to put disgusting jelly goop masquerading as “pudding” in my face.

Vend it to Me #6–Sweet Kiss

In which I make up for a whole month of missed wackiness while sampling a citrusy/Smarties-y soda.

Vend it to Me #5–Tiny Yakult

In which I review a short bottle of probiotic beverage in short sentences.

Vend it to Me #4–Original Bionic Drink Lifeguard

Whoooa, got backlogged on posting these here. Here’s some catching up.

Vend it to Me #4, in which I sample a drink that tastes suspiciously like Halloween candy.

Vend it to Me #3–Skal

In which I sample a “proprietary milk-based pop”, and then do things with it that I never should have even considered.

I will write a real blog post soon, honest. Things have just been remarkably busy. Excuses, excuses.

Vend it to Me #2–Fanta Honey Lemon

In which I discuss bees, cough drops, and unusual flavors of soda.

Vend it to Me #1–Boss Rainbow Mountain Blend

This is the first episode of a series of videos I hope to continue while I’m over here. If you’re an American who’s never been to Japan, you cannot understand how many vending machines there are over here. It’s ridiculous. Not only do I pass 13 beverage vending machines (along with three tobacco and two newspaper) on the way to the train station every morning, I can see countless others when I look out the windows on the train, both in front of shops and near train stations, but also tucked away in residential neighborhoods. They’re freaking everywhere. And they have a huge variety of offerings, both hot and cold. It’s convenience in a way that you’ve never experienced it before.

It fascinates me, and also makes me want to sample pretty much everything they have. So, inspired by my friend Ed, who’s been trying for a while now to eat or drink something every day that he’s never eaten or drunk before, I thought I’d make a video project somewhat similar. I don’t have the time to do one every day, but I’ll try to fit it in when I get the chance. If there’s anything this first one has shown me, it’s that they’re a lot of fun to produce, if a little time consuming. Plus, it gives me an opportunity to try a ton of unfamiliar beverages! How cool is that?

So, here’s the first episode. More will come later.

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