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Making Out

Making Out

Making out comic

Also known as putting your face on someone else’s face. Repeatedly.

Tangled glasses drawing

Sketches – May 5-11, 2014

Last week, some sort of inspiration struck me, and I ended up doing a lot of drawing. Here are some of the things I sketched last week:

(Incidentally, now that I’m drawing more, I wish I had a scanner–except I have a hard time justifying devoting any extra space in my tiny apartment to one. Oh, dilemmas.)

A cartoon of a very tasty-looking sandwich.

The compassionate sandwich

My brother posted this on Facebook last night:A screenshot of a Facebook post by someone named Dan, which says, “Oh sandwich, you are the only one that truly understands me.”Naturally, I had to respond:

A cartoon of a very tasty-looking sandwich, with speech bubbles that read, “Come, Dan. Cry into my pickles."




InspirationI drew this after finishing homework last night. It’s not finished, and in fact, I might never touch it again, but I thought it was a fun thing worth sharing.


"enjoy ur vd :)"

In light of Valentine’s Day

VD comic

Late-Night Comic

I really, really shouldn’t draw when I’m tired. When I do, I get stupid things like this.

Ah well. It was a nice outlet for the creative juices. And y’know, I’m kind of fond of that first panel.


I officially finished my first year of college today.

How did I celebrate? By buying two Sobes from Safeway for less than a dollar total (yeeeeaaaahhh coupons!), and by drawing lizards.

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Cartoon Spencer says: "Hello, classy people. The future is now."

Hello, Classy People

Cartoon Spencer says: "Hello, classy people. The future is now."

Drawn on my freaking AMAZING new graphics tablet.

Thank you, Mom and Dad.

Happy birthday, me!

Making Comics

On My Mind: Comics

What’s Spencer currently thinking about?

The Art of Comics

I was never a comic book kid. When I was growing up, I read the funnies in the newspaper, and for a short time, a little of Ranma ½. I would pore over anthologies of newspaper funnies, but without too much refinement of taste; at the time, I loved the beautiful Calvin and Hobbes just as much as I loved stale old Garfield. That was the extent of my exposure to comics, though. I never peeled open a Batman or a Superman story, and didn’t really give professional comics much thought.

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