Month: February 2015

optical illusions

my friend says this dress is blue/black. I see it as more of a howling colorless void endlessly sucking all of creation into its gaping maw.

optical illusions are weird.

The infamous ambiguously-colored dress

The Dress

So, the internet’s been blowing up today because of this picture of a dress:

No one seems to be able to decide if it’s white and gold or black and blue. Well, okay, the resounding evidence is pointing one way, but it might not be the way you think, and that’s what’s tripping people up.

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forbidden spanish

first day of spanish 101. been practicing with some stuff I found online. prof goes pale.

“no, my child… that is the forbidden spanish”



[Content note: This post mentions struggles with self-acceptance and self-sacrificial mindsets.]


On my way out the door, I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Something about it–maybe my outfit, maybe the way my hair is doing a thing–makes me smile. Before I step out, I pull out my phone, thrust out my arm, and–selfie.

Peak hipster selfieLast week, I finally got around to one of those tasks I’d been putting off and went through my cell phone photos from the last nine months. Most were quick snapshots that I freely discarded; the rest I tagged and categorized on my computer. In doing so, I confirmed what I’d been strongly suspecting: I’ve been taking a lot of selfies.

Oh, selfies, the phenomenon we love to hate. Scroll through the opinion section of any site frequented by readers over 35, and you’re guaranteed a column decrying selfies and the narcissistic, tech-addicted generation that takes them. Occasionally, when a researcher at the University of Everything’s Changing and I Don’t Like It or the What’s Wrong With the Youths Institute publishes a study confirming Millennials’ inflated egos with Science, you’ll even find selfies outside of Opinion.

“Selfies are for the selfish,” opines Kelly Iverson, senior at Kansas State. At Jezebel, Erin Gloria Ryan calls them “a cry for help,” arguing that “young women take selfies because they don’t derive their sense of worth from themselves, they rely on others to bestow their self-worth on them.” Gizmodo declares that the selfie stick–a monopod that allows you to take pictures of yourself from farther away than arm’s length–is an “enabling device that deserve[s] a permanent ban“.

In other words, smartphones and Millennials are ruining everything. Again. Pass the salt.

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“As my first act as your President, I hereby OUTLAW CANKER SORES!”

“Sir, that’s not how… anything works.”

“Wait, WHAT?”

Tag Aliases

Food for Thought: Tag Aliases

Know what feature I’d like to see in content management systems? Tag aliases.

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