Month: January 2015

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Have some fucking empathy, you asshat


Have some fucking empathy, you asshatI get tired of dealing with unempathetic jerks on the internet, so I make things like this.

Written in my sketchbook with my Parker Metropolitan fountain pen, then painted in Photoshop.

Want to own this image in a form you can touch with your hands and/or face? You can buy it as a print, a throw pillow, a skin for your laptop/phone/iPad, a tote bag, and more at my Society6 store. Plus, a portion of your purchase will actually support me!

on kombucha

does it even count as kombucha if it’s not brewed in a mason jar by a white guy with dreads?

Breakfast of champions

I am fast approaching the day when I will eat a breakfast of grapefruit, vegetable juice, black tea, plain yogurt, and Grape Nuts, and I’ll like it.

Farewell, youth.

Out of Juice

Out of Juice

I run on battery power.

There’s a well of energy inside me, and right now, it’s charging. I’m in a familiar place, doing something I enjoy. Sitting on my couch with my computer, my battery is humming contentedly as its indicator changes from a red sliver to a full green cell.

Charging battery

There are a handful of circumstances that act as my charging stations. Visiting my parents and sitting at their kitchen table, for instance, or relaxing in their living room. Curling up in bed with R and watching Netflix. Staying with a close friend in Portland. Making a long car ride across the state by myself. Doing things I feel good at. In all of these situations, I plug into the cozy familiarity and let it fill my battery up.

I try to keep my battery as full as possible, because it’s a mess when I go into emergency shutdown mode.

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