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A robot screaming dramatically, "Everything is RUINED!!"


Recently1that’s a relative term, I wrote about the ways in which my brain betrays me, and questioned what a “normal” emotional experience was. Today, I’m going to continue talking about what it’s like in my head by sharing one way I disarm anxious thoughts–with the help of something I call Anxiety-Bot.

Please note: This post is most emphatically not advice. I’m not saying this is what anyone should do, because I’m not in a position to provide that sort of advice. All I’m doing here is sharing my own personal experience.

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1. that’s a relative term

November 2015: Windstorm

Just over a week ago, heavy winds tore through Spokane, downing trees and power lines and bringing much of the city to a screeching halt. The following day, I went for a walk around our neighborhood to photograph some of the damage.

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I call it Yo-Gurt

terrifyingly grown-up product idea: plain yogurt in Go-Gurt tubes

I may have been misled as to the purpose of bee-keeping

how long do you have to keep bees before they’ll follow you into battle? my duel is next tuesday & nowhere will sell me a pistol

I like myself like I like my coffee

sign above dining-hall coffee: “Hot, fresh, and ethical.”

hey me too

Uneven Ground

uneven ground

[heads-up: mild body horror]

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October 2015: Ink in Water

My Patreon campaign reached the $20/post milestone, which means that once a month, I’ll be taking and sharing six (or more) photos here on the blog. This month, I have some photos from an increasingly common ritual in my life.

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The moon knows.

art is dead and hot takes on smartphones killed it

ARTIST: it represents how we’re all addicted to technology

EVERYONE EVER: omg it’s so true wow how novel and insightful

can’t trust those campaign promises

for too long, that mysterious orb has watched us from the night sky. this is why, as president, I will personally fight the moon.


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