Month: October 2014

Spencer wearing too-tight pants

Tight Pants

Dear world:

I apologize for the tightness of my pants during my junior year of college.

It was a mistake.

Spencer wearing too-tight pantsPlease forgive me.

 Photo by Johanna Santana. Thanks, Joey!

Moab in HDR

Last month, R and I took a vacation to Moab. I had just started exploring HDR photography, so I was eager to try it out on some of Utah’s dramatic landscapes.

Here are a few of the shots I snagged:

Love Poem

She was a Chem major, of reactions fond
Physics was his prime distraction
She saw their love as the strongest bond
He saw two bodies’ attraction

Making Out

Making Out

Making out comic

Also known as putting your face on someone else’s face. Repeatedly.

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