1. Honors English 10 – Hammonds
  2. Honors Physics – Reynolds
  3. Japanese 3-4 – ?
  4. Health 2 – Hill
  5. Chamber Orchestra – Stone
  6. Future Focus – Arend
  7. Pre-Calculus – Stidham
  8. Illustrations – Telesmanich

What’s wrong with this picture? Take a look. A good look. Something’s missing.

If you picked “Acting”, you’re absolutely right.


Linguistic Idiocy


Literary Sketchbook: The Island


  1. wait….you DON’T have acting….okay, now I’m just confused…explain?

  2. wait….when do you have acting? I finally got it, so I’m wondering whether we have it the same period…hmm

  3. I have A class with you….woot!!

  4. What? Spencer, posting? I think the world ended when I wasn’t looking.

    So why no acting, eh?

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