Mr. Trump--I mean, Toad.

I want off Mr. Toad’s wild ride.


Toad is very rich and a bit of a fop, with a penchant for Harris tweed suits. He owns his own horse, and is able to indulge his impulsive desires, such as punting, house boating and hot air ballooning. Toad is intelligent, creative and resourceful; however, he is also narcissistic, self-centred almost to the point of sociopathy, and completely lacking in even the most basic common sense.


Let’s call him Mr. Toad.

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A robot screaming dramatically, "Everything is RUINED!!"


Recently1that’s a relative term, I wrote about the ways in which my brain betrays me, and questioned what a “normal” emotional experience was. Today, I’m going to continue talking about what it’s like in my head by sharing one way I disarm anxious thoughts–with the help of something I call Anxiety-Bot.

Please note: This post is most emphatically not advice. I’m not saying this is what anyone should do, because I’m not in a position to provide that sort of advice. All I’m doing here is sharing my own personal experience.

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1. that’s a relative term
Windstorm header

November 2015: Windstorm

Just over a week ago, heavy winds tore through Spokane, downing trees and power lines and bringing much of the city to a screeching halt. The following day, I went for a walk around our neighborhood to photograph some of the damage.

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Uneven Ground

uneven ground

[heads-up: mild body horror]

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Ink in Water

October 2015: Ink in Water

My Patreon campaign reached the $20/post milestone, which means that once a month, I’ll be taking and sharing six (or more) photos here on the blog. This month, I have some photos from an increasingly common ritual in my life.

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It's Wednesday!

Fruits of Our Labors

It’s Wednesday!

It’s also the Fall Equinox. Since last month, I’ve been following A Humanist Year, a project that attempts to create a liturgical calendar based in humanist principles, so as to foster mindfulness and meaning-making. In the Humanist Year, the week of the Fall Equinox is the Fall Festival, which marks the end of the Season on Flourishing.

The Fall Festival is described as an opportunity to recognize all we’ve accomplished and celebrate the fruits of our labor. So this week, I figured I’d go with that theme!

What did you achieve lately, and how did you achieve it? What difficulties did you overcome?

As always, head to the comments to post your answer! That’s where you’ll find me.

It's Wednesday!

Making Mistakes

It’s Wednesday!

I’ve only had a week and a half of grad school classes so far, but I’m already neck-deep in readings and homework. Woooo, school!

One of the skills stressed in all of the literature about becoming a counselor is willingness to make and own mistakes. I believe we can all benefit from that trait and that its usefulness is not solely limited to counseling.

Owning mistakes is hard, though, because it means accepting responsibility and our own imperfection. Often, I worry how my peers will see me if I make a mistake–which is silly, because they are likely much more tolerant and understanding of my faults than I am!

By openly owning our mistakes, not only do we remind ourselves that screwing up is okay, we also demonstrate that to our communities.

What mistakes have you made recently? How do you feel about them?

Leave your answer in the comments! That’s where you’ll find mine.

Also! If you’ve got ideas for future It’s Wednesday questions, please head over to my question box and send them my way!

Off - Trickle by Riley Briggs


What do we mean when we say that everyone has off days?

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Adventures in Oaxaca Pt. I

Adventures in Oaxaca, Pt. 1

It’s 10:00 in Oaxaca as I write this, and Rachel and I are relaxing in bed in our hostel. If you want to be technical, yesterday was our first (nearly) full day in Mexico, as we landed in Mexico City before the sun was up, but given how much of the day was spent in planes, cabs, and buses, I’m feeling like quietly1Well, okay, I’m not sure it counts as “quietly” if I spend a whole line disclaiming that… discounting it. Today was our first full day, and already we’re adventuring.

Here are a few of our adventures thus far.

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1. Well, okay, I’m not sure it counts as “quietly” if I spend a whole line disclaiming that…
It's Wednesday!

Cheerful Self-Appreciation

It’s Wednesday!

Assuming all has gone according to plan, I’m currently in Mexico as part of my big summer travel plans with Rachel. At the time of this posting, I am likely on a bus to Oaxaca. But thanks to the ✨magic of WordPress✨, I’ve scheduled this to automatically post, even though I’m far away from my blog!

Last Friday, I learned that Isaac Asimov, occasionally accused of being an egoist, countered by describing himself as having “cheerful self-appreciation“. I love this–I think we’re all trained to downplay our strengths and wear the mask of false modesty so much that we forget to appreciate ourselves.

So let’s do some cheerful self-appreciation! What do you appreciate about yourself?

Leave your answer in the comments!

Also! If you’ve got ideas for future It’s Wednesday questions, please head over to my question box and send them my way!

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